Salesforce Service Cloud and customer service

We provide our customer care agents with a 360° view of the customer and the tools they need to solve cases faster.
salesforce service cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud by the numbers

Average improvements based on a Salesforce survey of 10 500+ customers between 2014 and 2016.


Agent productivity


Decrease in support costs


Increase in customer satisfaction


Customer retention


Faster case resolution

Top 5 reasons

to use a customer service solution like Salesforce Service Cloud

 salesforce service cloud

1. Help more customers in less time

When reps can identify customers quickly, view their full interaction history with the company, and know which tickets have been resolved or not, support gets better, faster.

2. Convenient. Contextual. Conversational.

With Salesforce Service Cloud, you can deliver support where your customers need it, when they need it, whether it be via phone, chat, SMS, FAQ, a dedicated portal or other.

3. Increase agent productivity

With a 360-degree view of customers, cases, knowledge bases, and automated recommendations at their disposal, agents become more proficient at their craft and naturally increase their productivity.

4. Increase manager insights

Easy-to-read live dashboards with analytics and data visualizations enable managers to monitor and optimize agent performance, queues, and work in real-time to deliver a better agent experience.

5. Sales and support teams working together for the same customers

Imagine a salesperson doing a customer visit to make an upsell, only to be greeted by a justifiably angry customer who has been experiencing unresolved technical issues for a month. That’s what happens when the sales and support departments don’t have access to the same information. With Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud working together, the information is shared and visible to both teams.

Why work with SOLJIT for Salesforce?

By far, the best reason to work with SOLJIT is that we want your business to be successful now and in the long term.

 Salesforce Partner since 2013

1 We are a Salesforce partner

SOLJIT has been a Salesforce Partner since 2013. We’ve helped all kinds of organizations operating in a wide variety of sectors, including manufacturing, banking and finance, transport, entertainment, marketing and communications, real estate, retail, educational, governmental, nonprofit, and more.

 salesforce service cloud

2 Our Salesforce experts are certified

Our team boasts Salesforce certified business analysts and developers to ensure that you get the most out of your solution, from project kick-off, to implementation, to handoff.

 salesforce service cloud

3 We offer time blocks

Although most of our projects are full implementations, our Salesforce service packages are flexible and include time blocks, which can be used for support or for the continuous improvement of your systems.

 salesforce service cloud

4 We offer Salesforce Quickstart implementation

Quickstart packages are designed to get you up and running with a standard Salesforce implementation in days. Although these packages have limited options, they do include business analysis, project management, some level of customization, basic dashboards, data import and training.

 salesforce service cloud

5 We offer Salesforce customization and development, including mobile apps

Using agile development, our teams can tackle highly customized projects, including the development of plug-ins, mobile apps, and more.

 salesforce service cloud

6 We offer Salesforce training and support

Business analysis and implementation are only half the battle. The onboarding phase is just as important, if not more, and that is why we train and support you in order to reach your adoption targets. New tools and systems only work if people use and enjoy them.

Some of the plug-ins we integrate into Salesforce Service Cloud

JIRA (Atlassian) to Salesforce Service Cloud

Integration of ticketing systems

Seamlessly integrate your customer service ticketing system with your research and development ticketing system. By doing so, your customer care representatives know when a product issue has been fixed.

Free Digital Transformation Self-Assessment

  1. Illustrate where you stand today, from 0-100%.
  2. Show you how you are doing in your department (whether you work in sales, customer service, accounting, HR, document management or marketing).
  3. Help you identify areas where you can make productivity gains.



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