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Our purpose

“We automate little and big things so that people can unleash their human potential. We help businesses and institutions grow so that they can create more jobs, innovation and wealth for society.”

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  1. Illustrate where you stand today, from 0-100%.
  2. Show you how you are doing in your department (whether you work in sales, customer service, accounting, HR, document management or marketing).
  3. Help you identify areas where you can make productivity gains.



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6 ways to upgrade your business with a digital transformation


How cloud solutions help organizations grow and be more efficient:

  1. Customer relationship management
  2. Accounting and invoicing automation
  3. Inventory management
  4. Project management
  5. E-commerce
  6. Integration and ERP

Our expertise

SOLJIT has been helping businesses and institutions with their digital transformations since 2009. As a partner and consultant, we’ve been recommending, implementing and customizing best-in-class cloud solutions for organizations in search of growth, efficiency and scalability. Today, our expertise with Salesforce covers sales, customer service, communities and engagement, marketing, and nonprofits. To integrated ERPs and accounting to Salesforce, we use Commercient and Workato. We also use Alfresco for document management, OneSpan Sign for electronic signatures, and multiple solutions for e-commerce.

Some of our customers

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