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We automate administrative tasks to enable sales teams to focus on the right opportunities.

Top 5 reasons to use a CRM like Salesforce Sales Cloud

When sales reps benefit from automations that guide them from opportunity to signature, and their managers can easily track progress, forecasts, and sales to better allocate resources… suddenly, sales increase. What are your top 5 reasons?

  1. Increase sales.
  2. Sales reports and forecasting.
  3. Automated quote generation.
  4. Guided selling and sales enablement tools.
  5. Standardize and improve your processes and data.

Why focus on continuous improvement for your SalesOps ?

Only 28% of sales representatives’ time is spent on selling. All businesses have the opportunity and the responsibility to work on automating the other 72% of their time. This process does not happen overnight. It is through continuous improvement, making productivity gains of 5% – 10% – 20% every month or quarter, that we can improve the efficiency and experience of sales teams. The flexibility of the Salesforce platform allows all organizations to undertake this journey with confidence.

SOURCE (above and below): Salesforce survey of 7,000 clients

Impact of Sales Cloud

+32%32% increase in revenue.
+38%38% increase in sales forecast accuracy.
+26%26% increase in the number of contracts won.

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Our teams of consultants, business analysts, functional analysts, scrum masters, developers, QA specialists, and Salesforce architects have completed hundreds of Sales Cloud projects. Benefit from their business acumen and technical expertise to accelerate your business.

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