Salesforce-Panorama (Artez) Connector

Bringing all Campaigns, Donors, and Donations together to make fundraising easier to manage. Enabling nonprofits to be more efficient so they can focus on giving back to the community.
Salesforce-Panorama (Artez) Connecteur

Top 5 reasons

to use the Salesforce-Panorama (Artez) connector

 Top 5 raisons d'utiliser le connecteur Salesforce-Panorma (Artez)

1. All Campaigns, Donors, and Donations in one place

Without the connector, none of your Panorama (Artez) Campaigns, Donors, and Donations are accessible in Salesforce. This means that your activities are split across multiple platforms and your staff has to waste a great deal of time reconciling that information to know and manage people and money located in different places.

With the connector, all of that information is centralized in one place, within Salesforce.

2. Report on all Campaigns

With Panorama (Artez) Campaigns now in Salesforce, you can use Saleforce’s powerful reporting tools to report on Campaign outcomes, including:

  • The overall Campaign
  • Teams
  • Donors
  • Donations
  • Information gathered in Panorama (Artez) “User defined fields”, which can be mapped to Salesforce custom fields

3. Re-engage Donors for future Campaigns

Now that Panorama (Artez) Donors are automatically entered in Salesforce, you can easily re-engage them for future Campaigns and other activities, even if they don’t involve Panorama.

Nobody is left behind just because you are using multiple platforms to manage your Campaigns. Ultimately, they are all brought together by the connector.

4. No more double data entry

With both platforms connected together, your staff no longer has to do double data entry, i.e.recreating every Campaign, Donor, and Donation from Panorama in Salesforce. This also lessens the risk of data entry errors and increases your operational efficiency.

5. We can customize the connector to your needs

By being both a Salesforce partner and a Panorama partner, we have a deep knowledge of the APIs of both platforms. This enables us to further customize the connector based on the current and future needs of your organization.

Features of the connector

Syncing Panorama (Artez) Campaigns in Salesforce

The connector automatically creates Panorama (Artez) Campaigns in Salesforce.

Using the Panorama (Artez) API, the sync is immediate as soon as someone makes a donation.

Screenshot Salesforce-Panorama (Artez) Connector Campaigns

Syncing Teams, Donors, Donations

The connector sync’s the following information from Panorama (Artez):

  • Campaigns
  • Teams
  • Donors
  • Donations

Into Salesforce objects:

  • Campaigns
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities

Screenshot Salesforce-Panorama (Artez) Connector Donations

Syncing User Defined Fields

In addition to the typical data gathered from Campaigns, you may also be gathering additional information in Panorama via User defined fields.

This information is also synced to Salesforce through custom fields, so you can keep and use all the personalization information you’ve gathered about your Donors.

Screenshot Salesforce-Panorama (Artez) Connector User Defined Fields

Need more? We can customize it for you!

If you want your integration to be different, we can customize it for you.

Contact us to tell us more about your organization’s needs and ambitions, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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Connector customization

Subscribe to the connector!

Contact us and our team will be able to give you:

  • A subscription plan based on the right number of users.
  • White glove service for the full installation and connection of the connector.
  • Optional customization of the connector to meet the needs of your organization.

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