Salesforce-JIRA Connector for Project Management and Cases

Convert Salesforce Opportunities into JIRA projects and report on project progress and profitability using the power of Salesforce.
Salesforce JIRA Connector

Top 5 reasons

to use the Salesforce-JIRA connector for project management

 Top 5 reasons Salesforce JIRA connector

1. Convert Salesforce Opportunities into JIRA Projects

The hand-off between Sales teams and Professional services or Development teams can be tedious. A lot can be lost in translation. By using the connector, you can convert the quote from an Opportunity into a JIRA project with all the details. Every quote line item is converted into a JIRA Issue with:

  • Description
  • Estimated hours
  • Due date
  • Assignee
  • Reporter
  • And more

2. The project starts in perfect alignment with the contract

With the entire project structure in JIRA matching the quote from Salesforce, the project can start on the right foot, with proper alignment between what was sold and the services being provided.

3. Follow and report on project progress in Salesforce using powerful custom reporting

The connector also sends JIRA information back to Salesforce (including work logs, comments, and more) so you can build custom Salesforce reports on:

  • Project profitability 
  • Project burn rate
  • Hours logged vs. Estimated
  • Hours logged per Issue vs. Estimated
  • And more

4. Better, easier project management

Overall, the connector improves project management by making it easier to:

  • Align what was sold to the customer with the service that will be provided.
  • Hand-off projects from the Sales team to the Professional services or Development team.
  • Stay focused on the contractually agreed upon objectives during the project… instead of veering off due to a lack of communication or understanding between teams.
  • Report on the profitability, progress, and resources used for the project.

5. We can customize the connector to your needs

As an experienced Salesforce partner and JIRA user, we have a deep knowledge of the APIs of both platforms. This enables us to further customize the connector based on the current and future needs of your organization.

Features of the connector

Convert Opportunities into Projects

The Opportunities in Salesforce are converted into Projects:

  • Each line item of the Proposal (which is in the Opportunity) is converted into a JIRA Issue based on your JIRA configuration.
  • The supported Issue types are Task, Subtask, Epic, Story, Bug.
  • The Estimated hours and Due date for each item of the Proposal are added in the Issues.
  • The Salesforce user can assign each Issue to the JIRA User and Reporter of his choice.

Salesforce-JIRA Connector - Opportunity Sync with JIRA

Follow Projects in Salesforce

Project progress is visible in Salesforce.

  • Each JIRA Project created from an Opportunity is also created in Salesforce under the “JIRA Projects” custom object.
  • Hours logged and remaining based on the original estimate from the Opportunity are visible in Salesforce.
  • For each Issue, the hours logged and comments are visible in Salesforce.

Salesforce-JIRA Connector - Create Issues from Products

Convert all Salesforce Cases into JIRA Issues within a JIRA Project

Streamline your flow to open Cases, debugging and other technical Issues directly from Salesforce to JIRA.

  • Each new Salesforce Case is converted to a new JIRA Issue.
  • Two-way sync of the key information contained in the case.
  • Ideal for customer service and technical support teams.
  • Ideal for development teams who receive Cases from Salesforce through their customer care, sales, or other department.

Salesforce - JIRA Connector - Case management

Create Salesforce reports on the profitability of JIRA Projects and the efficiency of Case / Issue management

Use the powerful suite of tools found in Salesforce to create custom reports and dashboards that will enable you to make better decisions in managing your projects and cases:

  • Compare hours logged in JIRA to the original estimates from the Salesforce Opportunity.
  • Compare the JIRA Project close date to the Due date estimate from the Salesforce Opportunity.
  • Report on the average days and hours logged from opening a Case in Salesforce to closing it in JIRA.
  • Any other report based on the data now available in Salesforce.

Salesforce - JIRA Connector - Create reports and dashboards

Need more? We can customize it for you!

If you want your integration to be different, we can customize it for you.

Contact us to tell us more about your organization’s needs and ambitions, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

We are experts at API integrations.

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Connector customization

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  • A subscription plan based on the right number of users.
  • White glove service for the full installation and connection of the connector.
  • Optional customization of the connector to meet the needs of your organization.
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