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OneSpan Sign

  • 264 $USD per user/ year
  • For professionals and small / medium businesses
  • Best fair usage in the industry
  • Annual contract


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OneSpan Sign

  • Predefined number of transactions
  • Negotiated contract
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Access to advanced features (API, Bulk send, fast track)


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What are the benefits of electronic signature?

Great User Experience

Ensure high user adoption and satisfaction with the most seamless, white-labeled e-signing experience.


Advanced Security

Protect your users and documents against fraud with military-grade digital signature technology.


Audit Trails

Strengthen your compliance and deter legal disputes with the most comprehensive audit trails in the market.

Efficient and Scalable

Scale electronic signatures across your organization and channels – quickly and cost-effectively.


Cost Effective

Get predictable pricing and a cost-effective solution regardless of your volumes – no nickel and diming.



Available as a web or mobile app, developer SDK, 3rd party connector, and specialty solutions for financial services.

How does it work? Watch the video…


Electronic signatures enable you to...

Automate your workflows and improve customer experience

The days of you having to print, sign, scan, send… and your recipient having to print, sign, scan and resend… are long gone!

Electronic signatures are fast and convenient for everyone.


Strengthen compliance, and eliminate costs related to paper-based processes

OneSpan Sign is secure:

  • Tamper seals the document and every signature within it.
  • Takes timestamped screenshots as the user views the document.
  • Complete Audit Trail.

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Easy to use mobile experience

Prompts people to sign and initial in all the right places, and prevents documents from being returned if missing. The signer receives an email invitation with a link to access the document to sign. For added security, the signer may be asked to authenticate their identity before accessing the document if requested by the sender.

Quickly prepare documents and invite people to sign them

Senders can be up and running in no time. After uploading or linking your file, you can easily add signers to the transaction by entering their email address or directly import the signer info from your device’s contact list. You can specify signing order and use authentication methods to validate your signers’ identity. Then, drag and drop signature blocks and data capture fields into the document, then click “Send” to send signers an email notification inviting them to sign the document.

Want more information?

You will find more details about features directly on the OneSpan Sign Website

Visit the OneSpan Sign Website.

If you’re still not sure if you should make the move to electronic signatures, you can also consult our page about the Top 5 Reasons to Use Electronic Signatures.