Salesforce for Manufacturing

Process improvement and Salesforce implementations for Manufacturing companies, including optimization of sales, customer service, partner relationships, operations, and more.
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Salesforce, the #1 CRM in the world, by the numbers

Average improvements from survey of 7,000+ Salesforce customers between 2015-2017.


Forecast accuracy

+38 %

Sales productivity


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Top 5 reasons

to use Salesforce for Manufacturing

 Top 5 reasons Salesforce for Manufacturing

1. Connected sales

Manage your customer journey to increase close rate and shorten your sales cycle. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, your sales team can;

  • Stay focused on the leads with the highest priority and best chance to close.
  • Follow sales guidance at every step so they always use the best methods, documentation, and demos to close.
  • Use quoting templates and automated workflows to standardize and accelerate your sales cycle, including approvals, from quote to cash.
  • Connect your sales to your marketing and support departments, so they can have more contextualized interactions with customers.

2. Connected service

Customer support and field services can both be managed with Salesforce Service Cloud.

  • Customer support – Automated case creation, tracking of all communications with customers on all devices, access to all customer information and help librairies to hasten case resolution.
  • Field services – Assign and schedule jobs, dispatch to the right employee or team, and track status right from Salesforce.

3. Connected partners

How can you get more out of your partners? By giving them the tools that will make it easier to do business with you. The easier it is to identify, select, buy, and resell your products, the more business your partners will drive, and the stronger the relationship will be.

  • Quoting tools
  • Partner portals
  • Custom apps and web pages
  • And more

4. Connected operations

With a real-time view of your pipeline and won opportunities, you enable your operations to better plan their supply chain.

And thanks to the robustness and flexibility of the Salesforce platform, you can integrate sales data directly into your ERP or accounting system to streamline operations further.

5. Connected products

By using the Salesforce API, insights on how your customers are using your connected products can be surfaced in Salesforce to:

  • Provide guidance on product development
  • Upsell additional products or services
  • Engage customers in real-time
  • Identify support needs
  • Identify new business opportunities

Why work with SOLJIT for Salesforce in Manufacturing?

By far, the best reason to work with SOLJIT is that we want your business to be successful now and in the long term.

 Salesforce Partner since 2013

1 We are a Salesforce partner

SOLJIT has been a Salesforce Partner since 2013. We’ve helped many manufacturing companies reach their goals of improved efficiency, lower operational costs, faster sales cycles, better partner relationships, and better customer experience.

 Salesforce Sales Cloud certified experts

2 Our Salesforce experts are certified

Our team boasts Salesforce certified business analysts and developers, to ensure that you get the most out of your solution, from project kick-off, to implementation, to handoff.

 Team of senior executives

3 Our team includes senior manufacturing executives

It helps if you’ve been there, done that. A Cloud implementation partner can be highly motivated and well-intentioned, but if they have never worked in the manufacturing space, understanding your business can be a difficult task. Our team includes senior level executives coming from the manufacturing industry, who have worked both in fortune 500 manufacturers and smaller scale manufacturers, experiencing high growth, that are looking to scale.

 Salesforce for manufacturing sales cycles

4 We understand manufacturing sales cycles

We understand that the sales cycles can differ wildly between manufacturers. Some may be using a transactional e-commerce business model, some go through a large network of distributors, and others have a lengthier process that bundles products along with installation and/or commissioning services. We’ll take the time to really understand your business model, and implement the solution best adapted to your ideal sales process.

 Salesforce for manufacturing operations

5 We understand manufacturing operations

Unlike software and services companies, the operations of manufacturing companies have more critical dependencies in the physical world. This includes supply chain, shipping, and, in certain instances, field services. When implementing a Cloud platform to optimize the processes of one or several of your organization’s departments, we take into account the full picture, so you can get the most out of the processes and synergies critical to your operations.

Some of our Manufacturing customers


Manufacturer of machinery for the aerospace and transportation industries

“Our organization has been working with SOLJIT for a few months, the experience has been delightful and constructive. The Service Cloud platform was integrated in less than 2 months, and they also helped us out with our Pardot platform which needed small changes. Knowledgeable, professional and reliable, I would recommend SOLJIT to any organization looking to integrate Salesforce into their company.”


Manufacturer of video surveillance and security equipment

“Above expectations. The team at SOLJIT is on top of their game when it comes to Salesforce and They helped us start from scratch and put together what will become the core of our sales strategy. Multiple customizations were required in our case due to our complex internal processes related to manufacturing activities; custom objects, custom reports, custom behaviors, etc. They got everything to work the way we needed. We will definitely continue to use these guys in the future.”

CRM for Manufacturing

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