Salesforce-Panorama (Artez) Connector

To connect Salesforce & Panorama (Artez)
Bringing all Campaigns, Donors, and Donations together to make fundraising easier to manage. Enabling nonprofits to be more efficient so they can focus on giving back to the community.

Top features of the Salesforce-Panorama connector

Here are some of the features of the Salesforce-Panorama (Artez) Connector:

  • Campaigns, donors, and donations in one place.
  • All sources of revenue in your CRM.
  • Report on all of your campaigns.
  • No more manual data entry.
  • Customization of the connector based on your needs.
  • Annual subscription per organization.

Syncing Panorama (Artez) Campaigns in Salesforce

  • The connector automatically creates Panorama (Artez) Campaigns in Salesforce.
  • Using the Panorama (Artez) API, the sync is immediate as soon as someone makes a donation.

Syncing teams, donors, donations

The connector sync’s the following information from Panorama (Artez) into Salesforce objects:

  • Campaigns > Campaigns
  • Teams > Accounts
  • Donors > Contacts
  • Donations > Opportunities

Syncing user defined fields

In addition to the typical data gathered from Campaigns, you may also be gathering additional information in Panorama via User defined fields.

This information is also synced to Salesforce through custom fields, so you can keep and use all the personalization information you’ve gathered about your Donors.