Salesforce-JIRA Connector

To connect Salesforce & JIRA
Convert Salesforce Opportunities into JIRA Projects, and Cases into Issues, and report on progress and profitability using the power of Salesforce.

Top features of the Salesforce-JIRA Connector

Here are some of the features of the Salesforce to JIRA Connector:

  • Convert Salesforce Opportunities into JIRA Projects.
  • Convert all Salesforce Cases into JIRA Issues.
  • Two-way sync sending project data back to Salesforce for reporting.
  • Customization of the connector based on your needs.
  • Subscription model based on the number of users.

Convert Opportunities into Projects

The Opportunities in Salesforce are converted into Projects:

  • Each line item of the Proposal (which is in the Opportunity) is converted into a JIRA Issue based on your JIRA configuration.
  • The supported Issue types are Task, Subtask, Epic, Story, Bug.
  • The Estimated hours and Due date for each item of the Proposal are added in the Issues.
  • The Salesforce user can assign each Issue to the JIRA User and Reporter of his choice.

Follow and report on Projects in Salesforce

Project progress is visible in Salesforce:

  • Each JIRA Project created from an Opportunity is also created in Salesforce under the “JIRA Projects” custom object.
  • Hours logged and remaining based on the original estimate from the Opportunity are visible in Salesforce.
  • For each Issue, the hours logged and comments are visible in Salesforce.

Convert all Salesforce Cases into JIRA Issues

Streamline your flow to open Cases, debugging and other technical Issues directly from Salesforce to JIRA.

  • Each new Salesforce Case is converted to a new JIRA Issue.
  • Two-way sync of the key information contained in the case.
  • Ideal for customer service and technical support teams.
  • Ideal for development teams who receive Cases from Salesforce through their customer care, sales, or other department.

Every Project / Issue / Task / Hour is tracked so you can report on them in Salesforce

The connector also sends JIRA information back to Salesforce (including work logs, comments, and more) so you can build custom Salesforce reports on:

  • Project profitability 
  • Project burn rate
  • Hours logged vs. Estimated
  • Hours logged per Issue vs. Estimated
  • And more