Manufacturer Roadmap with Salesforce

What should be your roadmap with Salesforce to get the best business value, and the highest return on investment? The step-by-step guide Manufacturer Roadmap with Salesforce: From Strategy to Execution and Return on Investment will help you define:

  • What Cloud should you start with?
  • What systems should you integrate to your CRM and when?
  • What benefits should you focus on for each of your departments or business function?
  • In what logical order should you deploy each Cloud and integration to get compound benefits?
  • What are the key concepts your teams should understand to fuel teamwork and reduce apprehensions?

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  • Step-by-step Salesforce rollout for manufacturers
  • Real use cases and how Salesforce can help
  • Features and benefits of Salesforce Clouds for manufacturers
  • Statistics on manufacturing realities and the point of view of manufacturing executives

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