PACME training sessions for digital competency, telecommuting and Salesforce

We offer videoconference and in-person (after the lockdown) training sessions eligible for the subsidized PACME-COVID-19 program from the Government of Quebec to train your teams for digital competency, remote work and Salesforce.
Training PACME Salesforce telecommuting (COVID-19)

Overview of the program

The PACME-COVID-19 program offers subsidies that can go up to $100,000 to reimburse training expenses for eligible business projects. This includes:

  • The salaries of employees participating to the training sessions for a maximum of up to $25 per hour;
  • Professional fees for the consultants or trainers  up to a maximum of $150 per hour;
  • And others.

So not only are the costs of training eligible, but the time spent by your employees in training sessions is also reimbursable.

IMPORTANT: The program’s budget is limited, it is therefore recommended to submit requests to the government as soon as possible.

Training PACME Subsidy

Which type of training is eligible for my teams?

Different training sessions are eligible to receive subsidies from the PACME-COVID-19 program, including:

  • Training on digital competency;
  • Training related to a strategy of adjustments or a modification of business activities, in the context of business uncertainty related to COVID-19, that enable businesses to maintain or diversify their activities (remote work, etc.);
  • Training made necessary by the restart of business activities;
  • And others.

Experienced trainers

How SOLJIT can train my teams as part of the PACME-COVID-19 program?

If you are already using Salesforce, SOLJIT experts can train your teams to:

  • Improve performance with your CRM;
  • Increase the adoption of the CRM by your teams;
  • Help your teams implement the changes that are necessary in Salesforce to make adjustments to your operations or business strategy as they relate to the new realities of the market under COVID-19.

On that last bullet, what do we mean by “adjustments to your operations or business strategy”? That can vary from organization to the next. Some will launch new products. Others will target new markets. Others will change the way the commercialize their products or services to be more digital. Each of these changes can require training and new automations in Salesforce.

Training PACME Salesforce

What if I don’t use Salesforce? How can SOLJIT help train my teams?

SOLJIT’s team is 100% operational during this crisis thanks to telecommuting. We only use Cloud solutions and can accordingly train your teams on these tools:

  • Google Suite (emails, calendar, chat, videoconference, shared files and folders, etc.);
  • Telus VoIP;
  • JIRA;
  • LucidChart;
  • And others.

Don’t let social distancing or the inability to go to the office slow down your teams. Work and collaboration with colleagues and clients can continue uninterrupted, even from home, as long as we know how to use the right tools.

Training PACME Telecommuting

Training eligible for PACME-COVID-19


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For more information

For more information on the program, the Government of Quebec has created a Web page dedicated to it. You can visit it by clicking here.

For more information about our team and trainers, consult our About page.

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