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We help nonprofit organizations use the best tools to increase and manage fundraising, so they can give back more. nonprofit cloud Nonprofit Cloud by the numbers

Average improvements reported by Salesforce.


Constituency engagement


Reduction in cost per dollar raised


Donor retention


Of users have improved their ability to achieve their mission

32 000+

Nonprofit and education organizations using Salesforce

Top 5 reasons

to use Nonprofit Cloud nonprofit cloud

1. Increase donations

Companies all over the world use Salesforce to increase their sales, which makes Salesforce the No. 1 CRM system in the world. As a Nonprofit, you can use the same tools to increase donations, retention and engagement, all while improving your organization’s efficiency.

2. First 10 licences are free

OK, that’s a good deal! From Salesforce’s “Power of Us” program, nonprofits get 10 free subscriptions and discounts on additional Salesforce subscriptions, products, and services.

3. Nonprofit success pack

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) (which is also free) is full of features designed specifically for nonprofits, including:

  • Campaign management
  • Managing donations
  • Engagement plans
  • Automated communication to nurture prospective and current donors and volunteers
  • And more

4. Nurture your community

Build your donor and volunteer journey, from prospect, to lead, to opportunity, to donor/volunteer, and nurture them along the way with automated communication specific to each stage of that journey.

5. Measure, improve and share

Follow your progress with easy to read dashboards that enable you to adjust initiatives based on success. You can also  share best practices with other nonprofits that use Salesforce via the “Program of Us” user groups, which are active in most big cities in North America.

Why work with SOLJIT for Salesforce?

By far, the best reason to work with SOLJIT is that we want your business to be successful now and in the long term. nonprofit cloud

1 We are a Salesforce and partner

SOLJIT has been doing Salesforce projects since 2011. We are a Silver Consulting Partner of Salesforce and a Registered Partner. We’ve helped all kinds of nonprofits involved in many sectors, from education and environment to health and wellness. nonprofit cloud

2 Our Salesforce experts are certified

Our team boasts Salesforce certified business analysts and developers, to ensure that you get the most out of your solution, from project kick-off, to implementation, to handoff. nonprofit cloud

3 We offer time blocks

Although most of our projects are full implementations, our Salesforce service packages are flexible and include time blocks, which can be used for support or for the continuous improvement of your systems. nonprofit cloud

4 We offer Salesforce Quickstart implementation

Quickstart packages are designed to get you up and running with a standard Salesforce implementation in days. Although these packages have limited options, they do include business analysis, project management, some level of customization, basic dashboards, data import and training. nonprofit cloud

5 We offer Salesforce customization and development, including mobile apps

Using agile development, our teams can tackle highly customized projects, including the development of plug-ins, mobile apps, and more. nonprofit cloud

6 We offer Salesforce training and support

Business analysis and implementation are only half the battle. The onboarding phase is just as important, if not more, and that is why we train and support you in order to reach your adoption targets. New tools and systems only work if people use and enjoy them.

Some of the plug-ins we integrate into Salesforce for Nonprofits

Panorama (formerly Artez)

The most powerful platform for large fundraising walks, runs, rides, national events, and online appeals.

Designed for organizations that do any type of online fundraising, Panorama puts all your fundraising tools in one place. The platform is quick to get started and easy to use, plus it allows you to add more functionality as you need it.

Salesforce-Panorama Connector

Free Digital Transformation Self-Assessment

  1. Illustrate where you stand today, from 0-100%.
  2. Show you how you are doing in your department (whether you work in sales, customer service, accounting, HR, document management or marketing).
  3. Help you identify areas where you can make productivity gains.



Ok let's do it!

SOLJIT Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) overview

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