Sage Financials and accounting solutions

We integrate accounting and sales, so decision makers never have to wait for the key financial data they need.
sage financials

Sage by the numbers

Up to 20-day

Improvement in working capital*

30 years

Of experience in financial software


Users of Sage products worldwide

Up to 50%

Reduction in debt collection times*

Up to 75%

Efficiency improvement on transaction processing*

*Metrics specific to Sage Financials

Top 5 reasons

to use an accounting solution like Sage Financials

 sage financials

1. Never spend days creating reports

How much work does it take to make a report on your finances? Several days of work. That is why so many organizations fly blind: they don’t want to dedicate all that time just to get visibility, which neither reduces expenses nor increases revenue. Sage Financials instantly generates reports with up-to-the-second information, so you can get visibility when you want it, without stalling you and your team for days.

2. Better information, better decisions

When you have access to the big picture of your financial situation instantly, you can be more reactive. On a weekly or monthly basis, you can do resource reallocation recommendations to your organization, whether it is to improve topline, or to reduce expenses.

3. Scales with your organization

Sage Financials will adapt to scale as your business grows. It includes banking, financial reporting and analytics, payments, collaboration between the accounting and sales teams, invoicing and billing, and other options.

4. Sage Financials mobile app

With Sage Financials, your accounts are not only updated in the Cloud in real time and available from your PC, they are also available on the Sage Financials mobile app. This enables you to verify information any time, anywhere, and give your stakeholders the answers they need, without always carrying your laptop to every meeting.

5. Native to Salesforce

Sage Financials is native to the Salesforce platform. The resulting efficiency gains of having all sales information directly accessible to the accounting team is priceless.

Why work with SOLJIT for Sage?

By far, the best reason to work with SOLJIT is that we want your business to be successful now and in the long term.

 sage financials

1 We are both a Sage and a Salesforce partner

SOLJIT is a Sage Business Cloud Financials partner and a Silver Consulting Partner of Salesforce. Being experienced and proficient in both solutions has enabled us to provide customers with the best of both worlds, including developing custom templates with new features that leverage both applications.

 sage financials

2 Our Sage experts are certified

Our team boasts Sage certified business analysts and developers, to ensure that you get the most out of your solution, from project kick-off, to implementation, to handoff.

 sage financials

3 We offer time blocks

Although most of our projects are full implementations, our Sage service packages are flexible and include time blocks, which can be used for support or for the continuous improvement of your systems.

 sage financials

4 We offer Sage Quickstart implementation

Quickstart packages are designed to get you up and running with a standard Sage implementation in days. Although these packages have limited options, they do include business analysis, project management, some customization, basic dashboards, data import and training.

 sage financials

5 We offer Sage training and support

Business analysis and implementation are only half the battle. The onboarding phase is just as important, if not more, and that is why we train and support you in order to reach your adoption targets. New tools and systems only work if people use and enjoy them.

Some of the plug-ins we integrate into Sage

Expensify to Sage Financials

Automatic import of expense reports

Seamlessly integrate Expensify expenses into Sage Financials. The connector will automatically synchronize all approved expense reports entered in Expensify into Sage Financials. No double entry required. Save time and money!

Expensify to Sage Accounting

Automatic import of expense reports

Seamlessly integrate Expensify expenses into Sage Accounting. The connector will automatically synchronize all approved expense reports entered in Expensify into Sage Accounting. No double entry required. Save time and money!

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What is Sage Financials?

A Sage customer story from Ireland

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