OneSpan Sign Professional


1 user/year
Annual contract
Number of licenses: 1 to 50

OneSpan Sign Professional


Licence for OneSpan e-sign (240$/year/user) Terms of the Professional Subscription Plan: Pricing is based on the number of individual Named
Users and includes an unspecified number of signers and reviewers (Participants). The pricing provided is based on a non-integrated Subscription service with a reasonable fair use policy fo up to 1000 Transactions annually.
For use in excess of the 1000 Transactions annually, Customer agrees to pay the excess per Transaction fees at OneSpan current
pricing based on the account billing currency of  2.35$USD/transaction.

All prices are in USD.

Terms of the Subscription Plan:

· The Effective Date is the date of Customer’s purchase. The Subscription Plan has a 1 year Term beginning and invoiced on the Effective Date.
· Fees shall be invoiced on the Effective Date of the initial term and each year thereof, payable on reception.
· Upon the anniversary of the Effective Date the Professional Subscription Plan shall be renewed for successive 1- year terms unless terminated by Customer with at least 60 days prior written notice to the anniversary date. The Customer agrees and accepts that the provision of the Products and Services set out in this Purchasing Form shall be governed by OneSpan’s Master Terms available for review at

Any additional, contrary or different terms contained in any Purchase Order or other request or communication by Customer will not be binding on the parties and will not modify this Order Form except as expressly set forth in a written agreement signed by both parties. EXPORT CONTROL NOTICE: OneSpan, its Products and Services and related documents and materials (“OneSpan Products”) are subject to EU and US trade control laws and regulations. OneSpan Products may not be exported, reexported, or transferred to, or otherwise used in, certain sanctioned countries (such as Iran and North Korea), or by certain prohibited parties contrary to EU and US trade controls. This Order Form is binding on the parties and is executed by authorized representatives below. Please allow 48h for account activation.