Mobile app and software development

Sometimes, a custom and tailored experience can make all the difference.
mobile app software development

When should custom development be used?

“Custom development is how you bridge the gap between standard solutions that address 50-75% of what you want, to get 100% of what you need.”

How we work

 mobile app software development

1 Agile methodology without middlemen

Our developers use agile methodology, with the guidance of our business analysts.

This approach is lean and direct, enabling business analysts to communicate, oversee and test implementation requirements with developers, without any additional middlemen.

 mobile app software development

2 Mobile app and software development

Custom development is project  specific and based on needs unaddressed by standard solution implementation. Mobile apps, plug-ins, connectors or other software development is often a way to extend the range of your chosen platform to better serve your employees or customers.

Supported technologies

  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices
  • Plugs-ins for Salesforce, Sage, Atlassian (Jira/Confluence), Expensify, and more
 mobile app software development

3 Use cases and applications

There are an infinite number of use cases and applications where custom development can be useful. They can be as diverse as your business or institution.

Here are a few examples

  • Quoting tool for in-house or on the road sales people
  • Invoicing tool for field service technicians
  • Customer satisfaction survey tool for BtoB or BtoC
  • Employee survey tool to gauge satisfaction, HR policies, or the use of new systems and tools
  • Plug-in or connector to integrate two platforms or softwares together

Free Digital Transformation Self-Assessment

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