Cloud implementation

Everything you need for cloud implementation: from requirements, to planning, design, implementation, and deployment.
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Who are our developers?

“Our developers are experienced and polyvalent professionals with a track record of successful projects that meet customer expectations.”

How we work

 cloud implementation

1 Planning

Based on the scope agreed upon during the business needs analysis, we lay out a plan and schedule with clear milestones, deliverables, reviews and validations.

 cloud implementation

2 Collecting detailed requirements

In collaboration with you, we dive deep into the scope to elaborate precise requirements that will maximise the use, adoption and results yielded by your solution.

 cloud implementation

3 Designing the solution

From the scope and requirements, we design the solution. including all features, big and small. This can include, depending on the project, wireframes, proof of concepts, and other tools the strengthen the design process.

 cloud implementation

4 Developing the solution

After reviewing the design together, our developers will start development using the agile methodology. Depending on how the project is planned and split up, there can be validation and review of parts of the solution during the development phase.

 cloud implementation

5 Validating with you

When key parts of the solution are ready, we go through User Acceptance Tests (UAT) with you. UATs are tests performed by the user (you), from which you emit an acceptance verdict. This helps us validate that your expectations are met throughout the development, and before the deployment.

 cloud implementation

6 Deploying

After the solution has been reviewed, tested and approved, it is deployed so that you and your team can start using it. Of course, the handoff comes with an interactive onboarding process that maximizes adoption. More details about that here.

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