Business needs analysis

SOLJIT helps you take a step back to better understand your goals and challenges, and to find the best business solutions.
Business Analysis

Who are our business analysts?

“Our business analysts are successful entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and senior analysts, who advise businesses in all aspects of their operations.”

How we work

 business needs analysis

1 Let’s sit down

Forget the stress. Forget the multitasking. Forget running around from call to meeting to call to meeting.

If what we’re going to do together is meant to help your organization for years to come, let’s do it right. Let’s sit down, take the time to discuss and disperse the haze of the day-to-day, until we see the future clearly.

 business needs analysis

2 Ask the right questions

What software should I buy? That is not the question.

The objective is to improve your processes so that your organization will be more productive tomorrow and for the next 5 years. To get there, we have to consider the following: What are your current processe? Where does your organization need to be in the future? What improvements can be implemented to take you there?

 business needs analysis

3 Focus on the tangibles

Digital transformation is an abstract concept. Its value is found when we dig deep into what really works and what doesn’t for employees and managers.

What can be automated so that they can focus their time on value-added tasks only they can do? What would make them more productive? What pain points can we tackle? What can we do to facilitate adoption?

 business needs analysis

4 Bringing everyone onboard

After we’ve taken the time to sit down, ask the right questions, and focus on real outcomes, it’s much easier to move forward with confidence, and bring all stakeholders onboard.

After that, comes the implementation phase. More details are available here.

Free Digital Transformation Self-Assessment

  1. Illustrate where you stand today, from 0-100%.
  2. Show you how you are doing in your department (whether you work in sales, customer service, accounting, HR, document management or marketing).
  3. Help you identify areas where you can make productivity gains.



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