E-commerce with Salesforce B2B Commerce and more

We set up online shops and integrate connected payment systems, so that businesses can expand their reach.

E-commerce by the numbers

From statista

1.7 Billion

People purchased
goods online (2017)

$2.3 Trillion

Global e-retail sales


Of all retail sales
worldwide (2017)


Retail e-commerce
sales growth (2017)


Average value of online shopping orders (PC, Q1 2018)

Top 5 reasons

to use e-commerce


1. Stay alive

Let’s not sugarcoat this. If you are selling goods or software and are not selling online, your growth could be significantly reduced and your business could even be threatened at some point.

2. Increase revenue and brand awareness

If your business is not facing an existential threat, e-commerce is a great way to increase sales, brand awareness, customer engagement, and your geographic base.

3. Optimize and prioritize inventory

Online shopping is a powerful and easy way to precisely quantify what attracts the interest of shoppers. You can see in real time which product page is visited the most, which gets the most conversion, etc. This enables you to clearly identify which items to push more, less, and where you should work to improve conversion.

4. More efficient operations

E-commerce platforms can be connected to accounting, inventory management, and other systems, which lead to increased efficiency and cost savings.

5. Better, faster customer experience

If you are selling in physical locations or manage transactions on the road with salespeople or dispatch services, using solid e-commerce tools makes the experience much smoother for both the customer and the seller.

Why work with SOLJIT for e-commerce?

By far, the best reason to work with SOLJIT is that we want your business to be successful now and in the long term.

 Salesforce B2B Commerce

1 We have used many platforms

SOLJIT has used multiple e-commerce platforms over the years, Salesforce B2B Commerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Square, Stripe and Praxedo. With this experience, we can recommend you the one that is best suited to your needs and implement it efficiently.


2 We have integrated many platforms

Having brought many successful projects to completion, we have significant experience in the integration of different e-commerce tools, as well as with 3rd party applications. We have the necessary skills to leverage these applications so that information is shared, which then reduces or eliminates the amount of work related to importing or entering data in different systems manually.


3 We offer time blocks

Although most of our projects are full implementations, our service packages are flexible and include time blocks, which can be used for support or for the continuous improvement of your systems.


4 We offer Quickstart implementation

Quickstart packages are designed to get you up and running with a standard implementation rapidly. Although these packages are limited in options, they do include business analysis, project management, some customization, basic dashboards, data import and training.


5 We offer customization and development services, including for mobile apps

Using agile development, our teams can tackle highly customized projects, including the development of plug-ins, mobile apps, and more.


6 We offer training and support

Business analysis and implementation are only half the battle. The onboarding phase is just as important, if not more, and that is why we train and support you in order to reach your adoption targets. New tools and systems only work if people use and enjoy them.

Solutions we can implement, or integrate to Salesforce for your business

Free Digital Transformation Self-Assessment

  1. Illustrate where you stand today, from 0-100%.
  2. Show you how you are doing in your department (whether you work in sales, customer service, accounting, HR, document management or marketing).
  3. Help you identify areas where you can make productivity gains.



Ok let's do it!


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