Articles  |   24-10-2018

Digital business transformation

Digital business transformation

Is your business process wasting lots of time and money? Do you find that it is hard to follow all your leads? Is the link between your Sales Reps, marketing staff and the accounting department broken? Do you still use sticky notes, paper and have a lot of manual low-value processes?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, your business is in need of a transformation. We are in the age of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and the Internet of Things… In today’s world, everybody is connected and almost everything is becoming connected. If a fridge is smart and connected and can communicate with a cellphone, shouldn’t your business tools be connected to each other so they can communicate? Shouldn’t your business processes be fully automated reducing manual entries and their resulting mistakes?

Take for instance Salesforce Sales and Service cloud. It can streamline the whole process from lead generation to sale and also the post-sales support. Since all the information gathered about the customer is in the same platform and easily accessible, the support team can offer a more personalized experience. All that knowledge makes the customer feel appreciated and increases the probability of that same customer coming back again for repeat business. A happy customer is one of the most valuable assets a business can have.

Businesses can take this even further by integrating their accounting software, inventory and other systems to the Salesforce Platform. Imagine, after an opportunity is closed, the invoices are automatically generated and entered into the accounting system and the procurement team is aware of the current inventory to be able to fulfill the order. Here is where tools like Sage Live, that runs natively on the Salesforce platform, can really help in the digital transformation of your business.

Sage Live, brought to you by the Sage Group, one of the best accounting and ERP business for SME. With Sage Live the digital transformation can really take place since the whole process from Lead to Quote, from Quote to Cash and from Sales to delivery is all streamlined on the Salesforce platform, all the information is in one system, no need for double or triple data entry.

As is this was not enough, since it all runs on the Salesforce platform, it means that everything is mobile ready and uses a powerful reporting tool. With the Salesforce platform combined with Sage Live, business processes can be managed from the road or in the office.