News  |   25-09-2018

Soljit receives praise from it’s US and Canadian customers

Soljit receives praise from it’s US and Canadian customers

Soljit takes great pride in exceeding customer expectations in every project we embark. Our track record speaks for itself and our customer testimonials lead to one simple conclusion: Soljit will always outperform even the largest and recognized firms.


“Soljit has been a tremendously valuable partner for our team.  They have saved us from poorly developed applications done by larger, nationally recognized firms, provided innovative solutions to tough problems and, most importantly, they get it right the first time.  We would recommend them to everyone.”

Jones Lang LaSalle
Chicago, Il, USA


“Cirque Eloize is very satisfied of the work accomplished by Michel Kassab and his team. Soljit is always listening to our needs and has always found viable solutions to our problems in a timely manner. Soljit helped us build a flexible database and automated our work procedures. This resulted in improved efficiency, productivity and to have a better follow-thru of our business opportunities. It was a pleasure to work with Michel and his team and we hope the work relationship will last a long time.”

Cirque Éloize
Montreal, Canada

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